Fred Macaulay – What (Ever) Next: Again

Fri 28 July

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In 2022 Veteran (I prefer ‘Legend’ FM) Scottish stand-up comedian Fred MacAulay hit the road again with a summer tour of 18 venues around Scotland ahead of his run at Edinburgh Fringe in August.

Stand-up comedy had been hit pretty hard by the pandemic and gigs were cancelled as soon as the country went into Lockdown. The return of audiences to theatres and Stand-Up venues was a delight to see.

Fred said: “Putting things in perspective though, there were many things far, far worse than your job disappearing for a couple of years, but it was time to get back into theatres and halls for a bit of a laugh.”

Fred: “I was so pleased to see so many people coming to those shows in 2022 – especially the venues which sold out! I’ve been very fortunate in my career and have done a lot of radio and television shows over the years ….. but what I absolutely love more than anything (about my job) is standing on stage and making a room full of people hoot with laughter …… especially in Scotland”.

So…..there was only one thing for it. Get back out in 2023 and get to some of the places I hadn’t been to in 2022 with an updated show. You can’t stand still in comedy (well you can if the microphone cable is very short) but when much of our lives is concerned with politics…..well we know just how quickly things can change! I’d barely got my pencil sharpened to write gags about Liz Trust and she’d GONE! And she took the UK economy with her.

Expect to hear more tales of Lockdown weddings, gags about complying with the regulations, getting back to work after a long lay-off, things that bound us together …. (like finding out that your bottle bins were too small), the tribulations of getting a train ticket refund, nuisance phone calls …… and ….. OH YES…….becoming a grandparent for the first time!!