Faclan 2023 Programme

Wed 18 - Sat 21 Oct

Photo: Crosbost shoreline, North Lochs, 1966 by John Macarthur

FACLAN: Fèis Litreachas Innse Gall
The Hebridean Book Festival.

The organising theme of this year’s Faclan is Lost and will feature some stellar names. Not least the winner of the 2020 Booker prize, Douglas Stuart, and the winner of the BBC’s Design Masters, Banjo Beale.

But what does lost mean? Can it be lost, even if you can see it? Within touching distance but irretrievable?  We can only call it lost if it is something that we possess, that has value. Whether a fortune, a relationship, the house keys, a shirt button.

As a standalone word it has depth. A forlorn quality. We lose our way, lose control, lose heart, our faith, our youth … the will to live. Did not Benjamin Franklin say, ‘Lost time is never found again.’

Yet we will always have words as maps and compasses, even if – in the end – we become lost in thought.

Please lose yourselves in the programme. We hope to see you at these special events.

Opening Sat 30 Sept and running throughout the festival in our main gallery:  Ceàrn Lèirsinn: Angle of Vision by Saoirse Higgins

Wednesday 18 October
2pm – Lost in Translation (15)
5pm – Art & Nature in the Outer Hebrides: Bruce Kendrick
7.30pm – Beàrnaraigh na Hearadh: ‘Tis Fifty Years Since – A Study of Life in a Hebridean Island Community’.

Thursday 19 October
2pm – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (15)
5pm – Orwell’s Island
6pm – Artist Talk with Dr Saoirse Higgins
Salt on the Tongue
7pm – Deiseal: Ian Stephen & Mike Vass film
8.15pm – Of Books and Boats and Islands

Friday 20 October
2pm – Walkabout (12)
2pm – Young Adults Creative Writing Workshop with Kevin MacNeil (Faclan Oga)
5pm – The Point of the Deliverance: Dr Alex Boyd
6.30pm – Artists’ Gathering at Faclan
8.30pm – Wild Isle Style:  Banjo Beale

Saturday 21 October
10am – The Lost Names and Places of Lewis
12pm – Isolation Shepherd: Iain R Thomson
2pm – A Year in a Field (12A)
2pm – Strong Brave True with Illustrator Tom Morgan-Jones
2.30pm – Boatlines – from Drawing to Craft
5pm – Peat and Whisky:  The Unbreakable Bond – Mike Billett
7pm – What Is It That Will Last?  Land and Tidal Art of Julie Brook
8pm – Douglas Stuart in conversation with Kevin MacNeil

Faclan Òga
These events for schools are part of Faclan: The Hebridean Book Festival.  Faclan Òga events are supported by Scottish Book Trust through Live Literature.

Mon 6 / Tue 7 (am) November
Dig, Dig, Digger by Morag Hood  Event suitable for P1 – P3 English

Tue 7 November
Finding Treasure Island by Robin Scott-Elliot  Event suitable for P4 – P7 English

Wed 8 – Fri 10 November
Mòrag Stiùbhart – Na Stocan & Na Stùcan Event suitable for GM1 – GM3

Limited Dates in November (Contact moira@anlanntair.com for more info)
An tionndadh Gàidhlig le Johan Nic a’ Ghobhainn Event suitable for: P4-7 Gaelic