Doug Allan – It’s A Wrap

Tues 23 Nov

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Doug Allan looks back over his successes and setbacks during 35 years of natural history film making. Part retrospective, the show is also Doug’s perspective on climate change and its impacts on the world’s wild places. What change of emphasis and direction should we now be incorporating in wildlife films?

“There are big days when animals behave spectacularly right in front of your lens. And other quieter times when a deeper understanding reveals itself, a new insight into the environment and what’s alive there. I’ll be talking about these moments of truth and how they’re the biggest privilege of a wildlife cameraperson,” said Doug.

“I’ve always balanced optimism with reality but the latest world climate report lays bare the need for radical, urgent action. There are solutions, and I want to talk about them. They’re all challenging, some are scary and depend on us making deep changes to how we live. The planet is at a crossroads and we’re at the wheel. The next few years are going to be exciting.”

An Lanntair is delighted to host Doug Allan and hear his thoughts and experiences of the climate crisis as the arts centre is part of the newly established Outer Hebrides Climate Beacon; a collective and network of arts, heritage, community, environmental and third sector organisations, located in the Outer Hebrides and established to create a programme of public engagement focused on climate change and developed with community collaboration at its core.
This programme aims to engage and inspire a diverse range of inhabitants in the Outer Hebrides, including its most remote communities. This engagement seeks to learn about the climate change impacts as expressed by rural and island voices in the Outer Hebrides, to collectively begin planning for a region wide process of adapting to the effects of climate change.