Dark Skies: Sunset Reports

Fri 11 Feb 2022

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What better way to open the Hebridean Dark Skies Festival than a sunset?

Sunset Reports is a beautiful and poetic 52-minute film in which Edinburgh artist Juliana Capes describes an entire sunset for the visually impaired.

You can listen to our Dark Skies podcast with Juliana below or via Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Developed during a sruth-mara residency on the Isle of Lewis in 2018, Sunset Reports was first screened at Edinburgh’s Fruitmarket Gallery in 2019, then evolved into a short film, Be Different Today, for the BBC. Now the project has come full circle, screening for the first time on Lewis as part of our Hebridean Dark Skies Festival opening night.

Juliana says: “In its simplest sense, Sunset Reports describes the experience of viewing a sunset and explores how to share access to this commonplace magic.  It slows down the process of looking and encourages viewer participation in film. It also delves into the richness of the act of describing for others, with its difficulties and subjectivities and the way it encourages conversation and collective sight. Part of ongoing research into the emotional resonance of natural phenomena, this film considers the brokering of colour through language and looks for a new emotional vocabulary.  Telling the story of building a vocabulary to describe the indescribable (such as colour, such as beauty, such as love, such as grief) it makes access inherent in the work from the outset.”

Sunset Reports was created as part of a Barbican Artworks Fellowship.

The Hebridean Dark Skies Festival is supported by Caledonian MacBrayne, Highlands and Islands Enterprise and Culture and Business Fund Scotland. We would also like to thank our event partners, Calanais Visitor Centre, Stornoway Astronomical Society, Gallan Head Community Trust, and Lews Castle College UHI , as well as Cala Hotels, Outer Hebrides Tourism, and VisitScotland.