Creative Connections: Painting through ‘Ma’

Wed 18 Jan - 22 Feb (6 weeks)

Creative Connections is a series of free creative workshops for adults over the age of 60 in the Western Isles who feel isolated as a result of their circumstances – be it geographical remoteness, disability or any other disadvantage. If this applies to you, you can book any of our Creative Connections workshops.  You can make a booking for a friend or family member if they are eligible and would like to take part.

Creative Connections: Painting through ‘Ma’ with Kate Leiper

Ma is a Japanese concept defined as a gap or pause in time or space.  Ma is practised throughout traditional Japanese culture, art, theatre, music, speech and even in every day actions; the aim being to define the perfect amount of space. The Japanese represent Ma as a door, slightly ajar, with the sun behind, beaming through the empty space.

In this drawing and painting course we’ll explore how we might depict our everyday surroundings by viewing them through the concept of Ma. This will involve considering our choice of subject matter, use of line, colour, tone and composition, while hopefully leaving space for the unexpected.

** This course has now begun, but you can still join from week 2.  Email to join in.  **

The sessions will be delivered via Zoom and a link will be emailed to you.  All you need is a device with an internet connection and a clear work-space. You will receive a hard backed sketchbook and watercolour paints.  Please ensure that your address is correct on your An Lanntair account when booking.

Kate Leiper is an artist and illustrator based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She studied at Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen and her work has been exhibited in galleries from London to the north of Scotland.






Creative Connections aims to: Reduce loneliness in social isolated older adults in the Western Isles through regular creative and social online arts opportunities; Improve mental health and wellbeing for isolated older adults through positive creative experiences and conversation in the language of their choice; Increase the number of opportunities for people to be creative and to develop visual arts skills.