Creative Connections: Looking Outward

Thursdays 13 June - 18 July (6 weeks)

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Creative Connections is a series of free creative workshops for adults over the age of 60 in the Western Isles who feel isolated as a result of their circumstances – be it geographical remoteness, disability or any other disadvantage. If this applies to you, you can book any of our Creative Connections workshops.  You can make a booking for a friend or family member if they are eligible and would like to take part.

Looking Outward – Journaling with artist Sandra Kennedy

Participants will be given creative challenges and prompts to explore between the weekly sessions. The first workshop will be an introduction to the activity and to get to know one another; followed by a slide show of images with a chat about themes, techniques and responses. Participants will then be introduced to their first creative prompt to explore over the coming week. This will include instructions, questions, encouragements and steps for photographing and emailing images to Sandra.

The following workshops will be based around a slideshow of participants work which they made during the week, with chat about the work. Before the end of each workshop there will be a new prompt, with time for any instructions, questions and technical guidance. The prompts will be visual/ text and based around the theme of looking outward.

The sessions will be delivered via Zoom and a link will be emailed to you.  Please ensure that your address is correct on your An Lanntair account when booking. All you need is a device with an internet connection and a quiet space.  If you don’t have a device you can borrow one from An Lanntair for the duration of the course – email You will receive a hardback sketchbook, pencil, glue-stick, masking tape and paint in advance of the first session.  If you don’t need these materials, let us know.






Sandra Kennedy is an artist from Lewis. She studied sculpture and scenography (visual storytelling through performance). Sandra’s work is inspired by people and their relationship to places, and is especially interested in emotional attachment and stories connected with specific locations and sites. Sandra works from her home in Marvig, South Lochs. Sandra has taught a number of Creative Connections workshops since the project began during Covid lockdown. She said “Working on the Creative Connections project has been a brilliant idea for bringing people together under the umbrella of creative exploration. The regular weekly meetings have nurtured friendships, skills and enjoyment.”

Creative Connections is funded by the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund for Adults delivered by the Third Sector Interface Western Isles.  It aims to: Reduce loneliness in social isolated older adults in the Western Isles through regular creative and social online arts opportunities; Improve mental health and wellbeing for isolated older adults through positive creative experiences and conversation; Increase the number of opportunities for people to be creative and to develop visual arts skills.