Creative Activities Worksheets

Make an elephant

This page has links to fun and simple arts activities for you to do with your children at home.  Most of the arts activities featured here can be carried out using materials that you can find in your own home.  Local artist are putting together worksheets covering a variety art forms that you can try out at home.  New worksheets will be added weekly just click on the links below to download the PDF worksheets.  Jump in and have fun!

Make an elephant

Milk container elephants are really fun and simple things to make with children. They are also a great way to use up your easter egg foil.

Notan Art

Notan is a Japanese art form and means ‘dark and light’. It is a simple activity which can be done with young children with some help and with older children who can develop it to create some unique designs.

Build and decorate a house

This is a simple and versatile activity. Your child can draw the details for the room or cut and stick from a magazine or catalogue.

Lego drawing challenge

This is a fun drawing and designing activity using squared paper to design your own lego character or scene.  It also works well for designing Minecraft characters and scenes.

Paper Bag Stars

A simple way to make decorations for any occasion.  You just need paper bags and a few household items.