Corpus: Stuff the World is Made Of – The Art of Steve Dilworth

Sat 30 Oct 2021

The closing event of Faclan 2021 was a celebration of the Harris-based artist Steve Dilworth. The evening began with Stuff the World is Made Of  (Paul Cox, 65 mins, 2020), a new film portrait of the astonishing oeuvre of a genuinely important artist. The film spans 40 years from his controversial Hanging Figure of the early 1980s to the present, with contributions from, among others, Robert Macfarlane, Iain Sinclair and Georgina Coburn.

The screening was followed by an interview and Q&A with the artist. We consider the location in Harris which serves as both platform and source for him; the materials he uses – a cornucopia of fish, flesh and fowl bound in stone, wood, metal and twine. Intangible and tangible elements – from air and rock to rainwater, still water and stormwater, to light and night. Spiritual and visceral. Elements harnessed together through technical virtuosity, innovation, imagination and ritual… What he does and why.

Photograph by David Eustace.