Comic Making with Malcy Duff

Thur 7 July - 25 Aug (eight weeks)

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Call: 01851 708 480

A weekly comic book making class hosted by cartoonist Malcy Duff. Participants will develop their own comic strips and stories, exploring comic book storytelling through a variety of drawing exercises. Each week, Malcy Duff will give an introduction to a specific creative process in the making of a comic book, showing examples from his own work and some of the comics that inspire him. The sessions will allow time and space for each participant to discover their own comic book language and share their work with other group members.

No previous drawing or art making experience required.

Malcy Duff is a cartoonist and art therapist from Edinburgh.  He has produced over 60 comix, including ‘The Heroic Mosh of Mary’s Son,’ and ‘A 52 Second Silence for Topsy.’