HEB CELT 2019 – Clann ‘ic Choinnich (Mackenzie Clan)

Wed 17 Jul

Musical Memories #201

Mackenzie (sisters Eilidh, Gillie & Fiona) have at their musical heart the legacy of their father, Rod Mackenzie. Rod was the inspirational founder and teacher of three Gaelic choirs from Back who frequently enjoyed success at the Royal National Mod.

In a special tribute to mark this legacy, the vocalists join forces with some of his thirteen grandchildren and his much loved choir, Còisir Sgìr a Bhac to present a collection of Gaelic songs, which held a place dear to Rod’s heart.

Coming to terms with his terminal diagnosis in August 2016 he took to sharing his “Musical Memories” on social media and the positive response from his friends brought much comfort in the six months that followed. This concert of daughters, in-laws, grandchildren and choir friends is brought together under the musical direction of Rod’s grandson and award winning musician, Innes White.