Charlotte’s Web

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Plucky farm girl Fern (Dakota Fanning) rescues Wilbur the pig – the runt of his litter – from her father’s axe. But as Wilbur grows up and faces his likely fate of becoming Sunday dinner, another friend steps in to save the day – the spider Charlotte (voiced by Julia Roberts), who spins fancy, slogan-filled webs above Wilbur’s pen to convince his guardians that he is indeed a special pig and worth saving. A charming adaptation of E.B. White’s classic children’s story with a star-studded voice cast and the young Fanning in one of her breakout roles.

Gary Winick / USA 2006 / 1h37m / U – Contains very mild language / Cast: Dakota Fanning, Julia Roberts (voice), Steve Buscemi (voice), John Cleese (voice), Oprah Winfrey (voice).