Cal Flyn: Islands of Abandonment

Thur 28 Oct 2021

Abandoned places: ghost towns and exclusion zones, no man’s lands and fortress islands … what happens when nature is allowed to reclaim its place?

Islands of Abandonment: Life in the Post Human Landscape is an exploration of the extraordinary places where humans no longer live and what happens when mankind’s impact on nature comes to an end. By turn haunted and hopeful, this luminous world study strives to answer the big questions: what happens after we’re gone, and how far can our damage to nature be undone?

Cal Flyn is an award-winning writer from the Highlands who writes long form journalism and literary non-fiction. Her first book, Thicker than Water, was selected by The Times as one of the best books of 2016. Islands of Abandonment is out now in the UK, US, Canada and the Netherlands, and scheduled to be released in Italy, Japan and China.

Part of Faclan 2021.