Air Iomall – Joseph Peach and Charlie Grey

Thurs 14 Apr

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From Scottish folk duo Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach, and Filmmaker Hamish Macleod, Air Iomall (Scottish Gaelic for ‘On the Edge’) is a film and suit of new music, inspired by a voyage aboard the tall ship ‘Wylde Swan’ to some now uninhabited islands deep in the North Atlantic, some of Scotland’s most remote and remarkable places.

The first half will feature a live performance from the duo, the second will have a screening of the film which follows the duo on this creative journey, centred around the first performance of this new music on St Kilda – the most remote part of the UK, on the 88th anniversary of the evacuation of its native population.

Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach make music on piano and fiddle and are Scottish folk musicians interested in making music filled with spontaneity, sensitivity and freedom.

Inspiration comes from their pasts and surroundings, feeding music that’s rooted in tradition, whilst stretching its possibilities through improvisation and imagination.

Outwith their duo, Charlie and Joe are members of Tannara, The Iona Fyfe Band, and Westward the Light.