Dynamic Earth Planetarium shows

Dynamic Earth – on tour! We’re delighted that Dynamic Earth’s resident astronomers will be travelling to the Hebridean Dark Skies Festival in March, bringing presenter-led planetarium shows to your school.

Available on Wednesday 15th, Thursday 16th and Friday 17th March 2023

There are three different experiences for you to choose from:

Starrytelling (45-min) [Early Years]

Sensory education workshop to support the early years framework. This session is in two parts beginning with a story (‘Bringing down the Moon’) which takes place outside the planetarium. Following this we explore day & night, stars, planets and the Moon inside our planetarium.


You Are Here (25-min) [P1-P7, S1-S6]

Come with us on a dramatic journey to the very edge of our solar system and back in Dynamic Earth’s portable planetarium. In real-time we’ll be seeing the boundaries of human exploration and following in the footsteps of some very special space missions. Our beginner-friendly space-cruise is a chance for some cosmic perspective in this topsy-turvy time and also a handy wee reminder that: You. Are. Here.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b9CLlpax6AM&feature=emb_title

What’s Up? (25-min or 45-min) [P1-P7, S1-S6]

Dynamic Earth’s What’s Up? is an ever-changing look at the night sky and some of the more exciting astronomy and Earth-science news stories that have caught our eyes in recent weeks. In every seasonal version of the show you’ll have time to gaze out on the stars and planets that are visible for our current skies, dive in to guides on astronomy topics tailored to your year group, and be kept up to date on some of the most interesting events and discoveries happening today.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI23pHb73Zo&feature=emb_title

More info can be found on Dynamic Earth’s website: https://www.dynamicearth.co.uk/learning/planetarium


Email moira@anlanntair.com to make a booking for the Dynamic Earth team to bring the Planetarium to your school


Practical arrangements:

  • 1 hour is needed to setup the planetarium; 30 mins to set down
  • We can offer shows every hour, with hour slots used for both 25- and 45-minute shows. This allows time for your class to enter and exit the planetarium, an introduction (including health & safety briefing) and a Q&A with our astronomers at the end. The planetarium is suitable for entire classes (Up to ~35 primary and ~30 senior pupils).
  • The planetarium is fully accessible inc. wheelchair users. Chairs (foldable if possible) would be useful to discretely seat any teachers or pupils who are unable to sit on the floor for long periods of time.
  • Room requirements
    • Step free access
    • 7m x 7m floor space and 3.2m height.
    • At least two power sockets.
    • 2 trestle tables that we can use for a presence next to the planetarium, including table-top activities
    • A briefing area either next to the planetarium or nearby, to provide introduction and H&S briefing and also act as an area where your group can remove their shoes if required
    • Ideally the room should not be needed for any other activity to prevent multiple setups and set downs (i.e. dinner hall). Please get in touch if this might be an issue.
  • Risk assessment attached.
  • There will be two members of our planetarium team attending.

This Creative Learning is part of The Hebridean Dark Skies Festival