Under Dark Blue Skies is a sound piece by Renzo Spiteri, commissioned as part of the Hebridean Dark Skies Festival‘s 2021 programme. You are encouraged to listen on speakers, earphones or headphones to get the most out of the textures and sounds created. If possible we encourage you to listen to it in darkness for a fully immersive experience.

An Lanntair · Under Dark Blue Skies by Renzo Spiteri


‘Under Dark Blue Skies’ is an immersive and contemplative work inspired by periods of deep listening during certain times of the day. From the forewarnings of heavy rains to the still nights under clear skies, shades of dark blue often make me stop and listen to sonic events around me.

‘For this latest composition I used a variety of sounds gleaned during this particular time of the year, from the most present to the minutest. Different atmospheric conditions, and the randomness of a plurality of sound events that reach my ears every time I am listening and recording, have inspired me to shape this composition. From lochs with creaking icy surfaces to windy nights, whooper swans and clacking pebbles, I sought to create a tapestry of sounds within which I interweaved sparsely employed delicate percussion instruments, vibraphone and electronics. 

‘I invite listeners to make themselves comfortable and, for twenty minutes, immerse themselves in this short journey under dark blue skies.

 ‘A special thank you to An Lanntair and Hebridean Dark Skies Festival for commissioning this new work.’

Renzo Spiteri
15th February 2021

Renzo Spiteri is a Shetland-based composer, percussionist and sound and multi-media artist who uses the sonic environment around him as primary source material that not only sets the tone to his work but is also a powerful source of inspiration.

Renzo also performed his live show, Stillness, at An Lanntair in October 2021 as part of the Hebridean Dark Skies Festival’s postponed live programme.