Creative Learning Partnerships

An Lanntair’s Creative Learning research is continuing despite the restrictions on arts programming, and the guidelines limiting you from planning trips to An Lanntair or working with artists in school at this time.

This term and next we can offer (online) Creative Partnerships to Primary schools.  Class teachers can request to be paired with an artist (musician, poet, visual artist, actor or any other art-form) to jointly develop and deliver a creative project for your class.  This can be a great way to explore a class topic further and meet the Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes for the Expressive Arts.  Due to distancing guidelines, Artists will link with you via Vscene.

You as a school identify the desired learning outcomes for a creative project and An Lanntair will contact a small number of suitable artists for you to select from.   The teacher and artist will have a planning session to jointly write a lesson plan.  An Lanntair will pay a fee to the artist and provide the materials and equipment.  The artist may prepare a video for the class to watch and will join the class via vscene to team-teach the arts project with the class teacher over 2 or more sessions.  Depending on the artwork the pupils create, An Lanntair will arrange for an online exhibition, showcase, recording or printing.   The teacher and artist will both be asked to write about their experience of the collaboration.  10 Creative Partnership opportunities are available.

For more information on how we can support your school with an (online) Creative Partnership, contact Moira Macdonald on 07754 113108 or


Photograph from a school visit to Julie Brook’s exhibition Made : Unmade in An Lanntair