Cosmos Planetarium : schools visits

Cosmos Planetarium is a state of the art digital dome that offers immersive 360° cinematic visuals to explore the universe – an awe-inspiring experience that is amazing fun and suitable for all ages. We will take you and your pupils on a unique deep space journey unlike anything you will have encountered before, a truly immersive 360° cinematic experience which can help consolidate many aspects of the science curriculum.

Primary Schools (Max 40 pupils + staff per session)

Includes the full-dome movie ‘Space Shapes’; this wonderful short movie discusses different round shapes in space and is great fun for young audiences. We also take the children back in time to the Apollo Moon landings, fly through the rings of Saturn and go on an alien hunt! All interspersed with songs about the solar system and the stars. We then search for the bears in the sky (and other animals) using our virtual constellation artwork and we finish with a spectacular shower of shooting stars!! We also make sure there is time for a Q&A session at the end.

Secondary Schools (Max 30 pupils + staff per session)

Includes elements of astronomy, physics, astrobiology (are we alone?) and spaceflight, including information on current space probes & rovers. All taught at a level appropriate for the age of the pupils. Highlights include flying through Saturn’s rings, landing a rover on Mars and diving underneath the ice on Jupiter’s moon, Europa, to search its vast ocean for signs of life.  We also make sure there is time for a Q&A session at the end.

Dates : Schools performances available in An Lanntair on Tuesday 12th Feb 2019, or in your school on Wed 13th Feb 2019.

Suitable for:  Primary schools; or S1 or S2 Science classes

Location:  Tues 12th Feb – An Lanntair; Wed 13th Feb – Your school

Contact our Education team on 01851 708493 or to book a Cosmos Planetarium visit for your class.