Colin Mackenzie : Collector Extraordinaire schools workshops

Colin Mackenzie was one of Scotland’s most famous explorers and he came from Stornoway!  He explored and travelled all around India and made some of the first maps of the country.  He also collection and documented all the interesting things he saw along the way – ancient temples, beautiful sculptures, plants and animal.  His collection of Indian art and history is famous, it is kept in some of the world’s biggest museums and is called ‘The Mackenzie Collection’.

Colin Mackenzie famously said ‘the seeds of inspiration we first implanted in my native Isle’. He never made it home to Stornoway but now nearly 200 years after he died in India his collections are making it home.

Bring your class for a tour of the exhibition at Museum nan Eilean.  Afterwards, pupils will make their own plaster cast relief tile.

Tours and workshops available from August until mid November.  Suitable for Primary or Secondary.  Free