Children’s Classic Concerts: Peter and the Wolf

School workshops
Children’s Classic Concerts’ wind quintet will deliver an interactive 45-minute concert including live performance and learning about the instruments. The session will be based around the story of Peter and the Wolf and the five main character instruments – the flute (bird), the oboe (duck), the clarinet (cat), the bassoon (grandfather) and the french horn (wolf).

Available on Tuesday 9th and Wednesday 10th May 2023 in your school.

Ideally suited to P4 – P6 (but also open to other year groups in composite classes)

Peter and the Wolf – The Film
Participating schools will be provided with a link to ‘Peter and the Wolf’ orchestral concert film performed by Children’s Classic Concert’s 20-piece Essential Orchestra and featuring a fully staged performance of Prokofiev’s iconic ‘Peter and the Wolf’ alongside other well-known music. A trailer for the film can be viewed here. The learning experience will be enhanced by watching the film in class after the school workshop. Schools will also be provided with a downloadable resource pack which includes the concert programme, instrument fact sheets and a quiz.

Contact to make a booking for your school.