Will Maclean – Veering Westerly

8 Aug - 20 Sep 2015

A new exhibition containing new and retrospective work from the ‘artist laureate’ of the Highlands and Islands. In association with Art First, London.
An Lanntair’s relationship with Will Maclean dates from 1985, since when he has featured in many projects. This powerful and lyrical exhibition of work from the ‘artist laureate’ of the Highlands and Islands, has a deliberate west-coast orientation and comprises drawings, constructions, assemblages, free standing sculptures, as well as the poetic collaboration with John Burnside, The Catechism of the Laws of Storms – a publication of poems written in response to collaged images by Maclean, editions of which are included in the exhibition.

Jackie Wullschlager for the Financial Times writes: –

“Maclean, conceptual poet of Gaelic maritime life takes his language equally from global minimalism – assemblages of found objects, sometimes boxed into tableaux with a lyricism comparable to that of Joseph Cornell – and from a deep emotional bond with his native culture.”