Testimony from the Rocks: Teisteanas bho na Creagan

9 Mar – 30 Mar 2019

‘Art, Space + Nature’ (ASN) is a Masters Programme at Edinburgh College of Art,
the University of Edinburgh, which is now in its 14 th year. Over that time, it has
increasingly gained recognition as a leading, international Arts and Environment

TESTIMONY FROM THE ROCKS is an exhibition of responses to both the physical
and cultural landscape of the Western Isles, following a period of study undertaken last year. The work, by fourteen international students, ranges across a range of media including film, sculpture and installation.

Exhibiting artists:
Andreas Papamichael, Greece  •  Kaixin Li, China  •  Pin-Erh Chen, Taiwan  •  Lilien Li, Hong Kong  •  David Kramaric, Croatia  •  Kaitlin Ferguson, England  •  Kharis Leggate, Scotland  •  Claire Burnett, Scotland  •  Ana Cecilia Parrodi, Anaya Mexico  •  Harmony Bury, Scotland  •  Hsin Shyu, Taiwan  •  Pantea Armafar, Iran  •  Rebecca Sutton, England  •  Kaitlin Ferguson and Cody Lukas, England and Denmark