Tarra Books

4th April – 14th May 2016

Based in Chennai, India, Tara Books are an independent visual arts publisher, looking to push the boundaries of the physical book in an age busy writing its obituary. They also run a print-shop employing over 20 bookmaking artisans on a fair-trade basis.

They use handmade paper and non-toxic inks to create numbered artists’ books as well as art prints. Given our long history of working with rich and varied forms of contemporary indigenous art, they have collected an astonishing variety of images for our books: a number of them have been rendered into signed, limited edition art prints.

Affordable for art lovers, they provide an extra source of income for our artists, as well as support the artisans in our print-shop. The art traditions we showcase include Gond from Madhya Pradesh, Meena from Rajasthan, Mithila from Bihar, Warli from Maharashtra, and Patachitra from Orissa. A section of prints also features work from other contemporary artists who have worked on book projects with us.

Tara Books will be at An Lanntair talking about how they make their stunning prints and books on the 23rd of April. Book your free ticket to this event here.