Roots and Wings Exhibition

8 - 12 Apr 2024

Roots and Wings: Celebrating Nature’s Role in Community Integration

curated by Azadeh Fatehrad

This exhibition explores the integral role of the natural environment in facilitating migrant integration within the UK. Through a series of participatory workshops in collaboration with the Bridge Centre and An Lanntair, both migrants and long-term residents have expressed the profound impact of nature on their integration experiences via art.

The exhibition, “Roots and Wings: Celebrating Nature’s Role in Community Integration,” delves into the critical function the natural world plays in aiding the assimilation of migrants into the UK community. Supported by the British Academy and the Nuffield Foundation as part of the “Nature-Based Integration” initiative, the exhibit highlights the unifying force of the environment in bridging the gap between migrants and established residents, nurturing a shared sense of identity and belonging.

In partnership with An Lanntair, the exhibition is a culmination of participatory workshops where both newcomers and seasoned locals have used art to voice the significant influence of natural settings on their journey to becoming part of the community. We cordially invite you to immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of stories and artworks on April 8th, which vividly depict the individual and collective journeys towards integration, celebrating the rich mosaic of our diverse yet unified society.