19 Feb – 19 Mar 2011

John Maher has been building performance engines for air-cooled Volkswagens since 1983.

Also widely known as the former drummer for new wave combo The Buzzcocks, he has been based in Harris since 2002 but has clients throughout the UK and Europe.  A specialist’s specialist his work features regularly at the track, on the road and in the VW press.

For the month then, the gallery will become a garage and a shrine to very fast motoring.  The exhibition will contain a vintage air cooled Porsche 911, a customised VW Beetle, timing equipment used for drag racing, chequered flags, photography and assembled and disassembled engines.

It will open a window onto the phenomenal engineering, advanced technology, investment in time and money, and the passion and obsession that goes into creating a ‘muscle car’.

Director Roddy Murray said ”Motorsport fans appreciate and respect engineering at this rarefied level, but I suspect it will come as a surprise to many who only get behind a wheel to go to work on holiday.  We are especially grateful to John Maher, Kiwi’s Garage, John Neil Mitchell and the Lewis Car Club for their assistance and support with this unique show.”