23 May - 23 Jun

Elsie Mitchell: A graduate from GSA with 1st class honours she completed her post-graduate at the Slade. Her exhibition is a digital meditation on the changing, seasonal environment of the village of Mangurstadh a remote crofting township on the west coast of Lewis. Through video installations and a handmade paper map, made from plants which grow in the crofts and common grazings, Elsie Mitchell explores the rich biodiversity of flora, fauna and habitats found within the area and their dependence on past and present human interaction.

Complementing the installation Derek Scanlan’s expressive oil and pastel paintings depict the village, the moorland, the hills and surrounding coastline of rugged cliffs and beaches. Both artists have lived in the Uig area of the island for 14 years and have worked a croft in Mangurstadh for 7 years, where they grow fodder crops and keep Hebridean sheep, poultry and a small herd of Aberdeen Angus cattle.