17 Aug - 17 Oct 2020

Mon 17 Aug – 17 Oct 2020

An Lanntair was delighted to re-open the arts centre’s main gallery with a fantastic exhibition created by island residents during lockdown as part of our Sketchbook Project.

The Sketchbook Project saw An Lanntair mail out sketchbooks to over 100 participants, and deliver a month-long series of thirty creative challenges, all designed to engage people in creative activity on a daily basis during a difficult time.

Completed sketchbooks were then returned by post to An Lanntair, and over 3,000 scanned images, as well as the sketchbooks themselves, were put on display as we re-opened to visitors on Monday, August 17th, in the Sketchbook Project Exhibition.

It proved to be an exciting and engaging exhibition, and feedback from Sketchbook Project participants revealed a real joy of creation experienced by many. We’d like to share with you some of their comments…

“This project got me drawing for the first time since leaving school decades ago. I’ve now bought sketchbooks to continue, so glad it brought me back to art!”

“I have had a lot of fun working on this sketchbook, it’s given me a chance to draw things I had never really drawn before and be more free with drawing, as I usually focus on trying to make my art perfect I’ve learnt to accept my mistakes more! :)”

“The project has been a really lovely distraction from working from home during lockdown for me over the last month. I have enjoyed the process of receiving the non-work related email each day about the daily theme and having chance to think and daydream about the different themes as much as the actual process of putting pen/brush to paper!”

“I’ve absolutely loved taking part in the An Lanntair Sketchbook Project. I’m always up for a challenge and found the thought processes involved almost as much fun as actually making the art itself.”

“I have loved this challenge. It put me in uncomfortable places, frustrating places, peaceful and absorbed places. I’m so glad you did this and I was able to be a part of it. I really hope it’s not another 30 years until I pick up another paintbrush or watercolour box.”

“The sketchbook project couldn’t have landed on my desk at a better time. Lockdown is challenging for everyone and as a newly widowed parent I have felt like I’m constantly swimming against the tide, so this project gave me something to focus on daily. Sadly, my skills don’t match my ambition but the five to ten minutes of daily creativity was an absolute joy.”

“Many thanks for the sketchbook project I have found it enjoyable and challenging. Best of all it made me think.”