Retrospective exhibition of this acclaimed book published by Birlinn

This exhibition is compiled of over 100 photographs that document characters and characteristics of the Islands that are simultaneously local and universal, historic and timeless. The fascinating photographs are Gus Wylie’s view of the changing way of life in the Hebrides.

Gus Wylie’s photographs taken over the past three decades have hitherto been the subject of two seminal publications The Hebrides and Patterns of the Hebrides.  A third major retrospective – The Hebrideans – was published by Birlinn in 2005.

Although taken over a thirty year period, many of the iconic images date from the 70’s and 80’s and will bring back memories of recent history and show just how quickly life in the islands has changed.  While not sentimental, the photos evoke nostalgia among those who remember the Rayburn stoves, the cows being pulled along the road, the wrecks on the moorland, the un-modernised interiors.