28 Mar –  16 May 2009

Grinneas nan Eilean, the Islands Open Exhibition returns to showcase the wealth of creative talent that is to be found here in the Western Isles!

An Lanntair Director Roddy Murray said:

“Grinneas nan Eilean has been a fixture in An Lanntair’s programme since 1987.   Since which, thousands of pieces have been displayed and hundreds of artists represented.  Technically and time-wise it always presents a challenge, but equally it is always rewarding, revealing and representative of what is happening in the Islands.  In some ways it is as much a community installation as an exhibition.”

Grinneas gives artists and crafts people from all over the islands the opportunity to show, and hopefully sell, their work. Grinneas has grown every year since moving to the new an Lanntair and this year’s exhibition is even bigger and better than before! Come in and have a look at what is on offer!

We hope you enjoy your visit to Grinneas and we also hope that it inspires you to try your hand at one of our art based workshops here at an Lanntair! Why not check out our Education section for details of all the exciting activities available! Also, remember that if you would like to buy a piece of artwork from this exhibition or from elsewhere in our shop, most pieces can be bought using the Own Art scheme which allows you to pay for it, interest free, over the space of ten months! Ask at reception for details, enjoy!