Fonn-“A Song of Land, Held in Mind”

10 May -24 Jun 2014

Fonn-“A Song of Land, Held in Mind” by Mary Morrison

The gaelic word Fonn has various definitions relating to ‘land, music, state of mind, longing’ Writer Jay Griffiths describes the rich meanings of the word as suggesting, ‘a song of land, held in mind’ which echo the lines of enquiry in Mary’s practice.

Mary’s work is largely informed by the Atlantic archipelago and combines a sense of place with layers of meaning suggested by annotation – of music, mapping, measuring. Grid references, staves, shipping charts and tide tables recur.

Where works have titles referring to specific locations, the intention is to draw on personal connections to these places in order to explore wider themes. Through a combination of fluid paint effects, and annotation Mary investigates identity, the relationship between the individual and the landscape that has shaped them, something you carry with you – a ‘geography of the mind.’

Much of the work is inspired by relationships between the written word – poetry in particular – and image, and some works respond to the writings of Kenneth White, and the Sufi poet, Rumi for example.

Morrison’s thoughtful, contemplative works really capture the essence of the Highlands and Islands landscape, influenced by Kenneth White’s Geopoetical theory. – Georgina Coburn, review 2008


Mary is from Harris, and is now based in the Scottish Borders, working from a WASPS studio in Selkirk.