Throughout January you can see the evocative photographs by locally based photographer Kim Park in An Lanntair’s café bar. Kim gives us some background on her work:

Uncurling fern frond

Mother Nature’s hand is in the subjects of all my work. The way a tree grows towards the sun, a calm evening sky reflected on the loch or a storm brewing over the marram clad dunes. I seem to find inspiration where ever I look, even in the most mundane of objects. Like a rusty mooring ring, transformed from an ugly chunk of functional metal into a work of art by the hand of nature. Centuries spent with its’ face to the sea’s vicious force has sculpted it into a thing of strange beauty.

Photography started for me as just a hobby, but it seems to be growing of its own accord. Friends started asking for copies of my work, and then I entered & won an open art competition. It was then suggested that I have a go at selling my work at the summer agricultural shows. Soon after, I was very lucky to be offered the chance at having my own exhibition. Since then things have moved at an amazing pace. My web site and gallery “Big BIG Skies” will be opening at Gisla in the spring and a selection of my work is now on display and for sale at An Lanntair and can be seen upstairs, in the café bar.

For further details on Kim Parks work, please visit An Lanntair (01851 703307). Kim can also be contacted direct at “Little Loch Roag Cottage” Gisla, Uig, Isle of Lewis HS2 9EW or tel. 01851 672383.