40/40: Glasgow Print Studio’s 40th Anniversary Suite

25 Jan - 22 Mar 2014

A suite of prints to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Glasgow Print Studios, which was formally founded in February 1973.  It is an impressive and ambitious body of work that is representative of  GPS in particular, both their published artists and artist members, but also of Scottish artists in a wider context.

The published artists are high profile with international reputations who collaborate with master printers. As such there are 20 new prints by artists that include Bruce McLean, Adrian Wiszniewski, Jim Lambie, Scott Myles, Elizabeth Blackadder and Claire Barclay, to name but a few.

Accompanying them are 20 prints by their working members. These professional and committed artists publish their own limited edition prints using the facilities at GPS. They include, Stuart Duffin, Jo Ganter, Ciara Phillips, Scott Campbell, Murray Robertson and Jacki Parry.

This community at GPS, members and the ‘elite’, published artists represent a broad church of artists and what is special and unique to Glasgow Print Studio.

Also represented in the prints, is the range of techniques supported by GPS, from traditional methods of printing such as woodcut and etching, that are hundreds of years old, to recent developments in digital imaging and inkjet printing.