The Outer Hebrides are saturated in tradition, custom and folklore, drawing on Irish (Gaelic) culture, Scandinavian (Viking) influence and all parts between. An island, a village, a house can be a crucible for beliefs and practices, where culture grows as on a Petri dish.

Moira Maclean is from Lewis and is an MFA graduate from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen. She has immersed herself in the past by ‘raiding’ the abandoned croft houses of the Islands to explore issues of dereliction, decay, transience and diaspora, notably from a female, domestic perspective.

Buisneachd focuses and assembles these ideas.It is about the home, the hearth, the earth and the ether. Rescued domestic detritus, mirrors,bibles, maternal paraphernalia, accretions of wallpaper and images of abandoned spaces, insinuate unseen forces andmalign, influences.