An Lanntair to select five Grinneas artworks for new Highland Art Prize exhibition

  • Published on: 24th May 2022
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As if taking part in the Islands Open Exhibition: Grinneas Nan Eilean at peak visitor time was not incentive enough, An Lanntair is delighted to announce another exciting prospect to further pique your interest.

As part of the Royal National Mòd, in Perth from 14th-22nd October, The Highland Society of London, An Comunn Gàidhealach and Perth & Kinross Council have invited An Lanntair to submit artwork from Grinneas nan Eilean for inclusion in the inaugural Highland Art Prize exhibition and competition at the City Contemporary Art Gallery.

The Islands Open Exhibition, Grinneas, is one of the most anticipated events of the year at An Lanntair. Less an exhibition than a community installation, Grinneas brings an opportunity for practicing artists who are residents of, or are from, the Outer Hebrides to display their work at a major public gallery. The works submitted cover a range of different disciplines, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramics, textiles…presented by professionals, amateurs and enthusiasts alike.

On behalf of Harris and Lewis, An Lanntair will select five artworks from Grinneas nan Eilean (23 July – 3 September) for submission to the Highland Art Prize exhibition. Please note though, that for this initial event, the organizers are focusing only on framed two-dimensional work.

Roddy Murray, Head of Visual Arts & Literature at An Lanntair said: “This admirable new initiative is intended to promote Highland art on a national scale and to raise the profile of local artists throughout the various communities. The Highland Society of London are actively engaged in supporting the arts and culture in the Highlands and Islands, notably with the annual Highland Book Prize. This is an excellent extension to their portfolio.” 

Roddy Continued: “Together with a cash prize of £1,000 (!) for the winning artwork (to be shared between the artist and his/her corresponding Art Association or gallery), there will be a mentoring or exhibition opportunity for the winner through a national institution. Given the media presence at the Mod, this is a genuinely high-profile opportunity with a national reach.”

The winning artwork will be selected by an independent judge during the Mòd in Perth and announced at a prize giving ceremony towards the end of that week. As for the practicalities, an Lanntair will arrange delivery of the work to City Contemporary Art Gallery the week before the exhibition, and collection the week after. A more detailed summary of the entry requirements and submission process will be available in due course.

An Lanntair open Grinneas nan Eilean: The Islands Open Exhibition on July 23, and the call is now out for submissions. If you have entries to Grinneas 2022, please visit our Grinneas exhibition page for more details and to download an Entry Form, or call in and pick up and Entry Form from our Box Office.

Remember – Grinneas is only as good as the work that goes into it, and it’s always been amazing. So, make sure you have something in there!