Am Beairt/The Loom: Sharmanka

  • Published on: 29th March 2016
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This summer An Lanntair will be hosting the Festival of Harris Tweed. A once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the inner workings of this incredible industry from the Isles of Lewis and Harris. The festival will create numerous opportunities to celebrate and promote the incredible story of Harris Tweed across several months during 2016 – starting in July, and continuing until November 2016.  For more information please visit –

As part of the festival An Lanntair have commissioned a new exhibition entitled “Am Beairt” where Sharmanka Kenetic Theatre will create a Hattersley Loom kinetic sculpture. This wonderful new work will be  exhibited at An Lanntair during October/November 2016.

We are so excited to reveal some new images of the artists in the initial stages of this wonderful project. In this first blog, we see the project team collecting the loom from Balallan in Lewis and dismantling it for transport back to the Sharmanka workshop in Glasgow.

For more information on Sharmanka please visit –

Images copyright of Robin Mitchell.



Sharmanka_LoomDismantle2016_photoRobinMitchell_091 Sharmanka_LoomDismantle2016_photoRobinMitchell_149 Sharmanka_LoomDismantle2016_photoRobinMitchell_309





Sharmanka_LoomClean2016_photoRobinMitchell_067  Sharmanka_LoomClean2016_photoRobinMitchell_002