An Lanntair has received funding from Event Scotland to deliver an exciting festival that will celebrate the talent of young creative people (under 26) from the Outer Hebrides through a week long arts festival called Las! / Ignite!  Over the course of the week in October 2018 young people (under 26) will be given complete control of An Lanntair to programme a festival for young people by young people.  They will be given free rein to use all the spaces in An Lanntair to show gigs, plays, films as well as putting on exhibitions, talks and workshops.  They will also be responsible for curating and programming the spaces and for marketing, design, promotion and stewarding.

The driving force behind the Las! / Ignite! Festival will be the youth board (Board not Bored) who will work closely with the festival coordinator (also under 26).  Board not Bored meets regularly and makes decisions about the content of the festival and how to develop it.

If you would like to be part making this festival possible, would like to join Board not Bored or want some more information please get in touch. To help the board find out what you would like have at An Lanntair please fill in this questionnaire and email it back to me.