Nevis Ensemble : school concert

Nevis Ensemble is Scotland’s one and only Street Orchestra. Since giving its first performance in 2018, the ensemble has reached 21,000 people through 120 fun, engaging and meaningful performances across Scotland.  The Nevis mission is to take music to everyone, everywhere, and make sure that our performances are where people are and when they are there.  The orchestra is different, and there is nothing else like it in Scotland. We have an explicit social remit at our heart; to bring the wellbeing and community-strengthening value of live orchestral music to everyone in our society. The rituals of the concert hall have been stripped away, with audience engagement and enjoyment having full parity with musical excellence.  Performances are full of energy and fun, tailored to each audience, and full of singing and dancing.

The Nevis Ensemble are available to perform a concert in or outside a school on Monday 26th August 2019.

“If there is one exciting new thing about Scotland of which they [the influential and useful people] should be spreading the news, it is the Nevis Ensemble.”  Keith Bruce, The Herald, August 2018