Gallery resource packs

Our Gallery packs help families enjoy and interact with exhibitions.  In the gallery you will find packs which include questions to get you thinking and talking, ideas for activities and art materials.  Packs for the most recent exhibition can also be downloaded here:

Paca-gnìomhachas – Arpita Shah : Nalini – Gàidhlig : Nalini Gallery Pack – Gaelic

Gallery Pack – Arpita Shah : Nalini – English : Nalini – Arpita Shah

Full Circle is an exciting new project run by An Lanntair which aims to enable families to experience the arts together and to be creative.   Full Circle will reduce the barriers to participation by providing high quality, inspiring and free opportunities in An Lanntair and in community venues throughout Lewis and Harris.  The project is funded through the Aspiring Communities Fund with support from the European Social Fund.