Board not Bored

Next meeting Mon 9 Apr

Board not Bored is the force that will be helping shape the direction and and content of the Las! / Ignite! Festival.  Board not Bored is An Lanntair’s new youth arts board for young people between 16 and 26 that has been set up specifically as part the Year of Young People’s project Las! / Ignite!

The board has been meeting regularly to discuss and find out how festivals like this are put together.  They have been involved in drafting the job description for the new post that is connected to the project of Festival Coordinator ( this post will be for a young person under 26 ) and will form the interview panel to select the person for this role.

Young people taking part in Board not Bored will have the fantastic opportunity not only to be key players in creating new youth festival for young people by young people but will learn valuable skills that will be of huge help to their future careers and arts practice.

If you are interested in being part of Board not Bored or would like to help in putting together the Las! / Ignite! Festival please get in touch. To help the board find out what you would like have at An Lanntair please fill in this questionnaire and email it back to me.

Joe Mahony