Purvai: Yatra; Turas – Consairt le Dalbir Singh Rattan, Anna Mhoireach agus Caitlin Nic a’ Ghobhainn

Dih 18 Lùn

Ceannaich Tiocaidean

Fòn: 01851 708 480

Yatra: meaning journey has been inspired by the journey of Colin Mackenzie from the Isle of Lewis to India.

Stèidhte air turas an Leòdhasaich Cailean MacCoinnich tro na h-Innseachan, bidh Yatra a’ coimhead ris an turas aige tro òrain às na h-Eileanan air siubhal is seòladh, le cuideachd ceòl raag is eile às na h-Inseachan a bhiodh Cailean air a chluinntinn is e a’ siubhal na dùthcha.

It will also tell a wider story of the history and heritage of South Asia and the UK and what that connection has come to mean and embody today. A historical story made alive and present through artists working today, representing these traditions in a progressive and innovative way, a talented troupe of musicians from a range of musical backgrounds have been corralled by lead composer & musician Dalbir Singh Rattan.

Participating artists;

Dalbir Singh Rattan; Producer lead composer and artistic direction.

Aziz Ibrahim; Asian Blues, Guitar virtuoso, Electronica

Kaviraj Singh Dhadyalla; Vocals and Santoor

Seetal Kaur Dhadyalla – Kathak

Anna Murray; Gaelic vocalist and great highland pipes

Ceitlin Smith; Gaelic Vocalist

With Contributions from

Mary Smith; Gaelic song, Vocal expert & Folklorist

Calum Martin; Musician composer and Gaelic Psalm expert

The Purvai Festival is a Signature Event for Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017