Purvai: Yatra: Journey, new musical score charting a journey from Stornoway to India

Fri 18 August

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Yatra: meaning journey has been inspired by the journey of Colin Mackenzie from the Isle of Lewis to India.

Yatra, meaning journey, is a new and specially commissioned score that has been inspired by the journey of Colin Mackenzie from the Isle of Lewis to India. It will depict his journey through Gaelic vocal traditions using islander’s songs of travel and seafaring through to the traditional Indian raga and folk music which Mackenzie would have experienced and encountered during his travels and explorations in India.

It will also tell a wider story of the history and heritage of South Asia and the UK and what that connection has come to mean and embody today. A historical story made alive and present through artists working today, representing these traditions in a progressive and innovative way, a talented troupe of musicians from a range of musical backgrounds have been corralled by lead composer & musician Dalbir Singh Rattan.

Participating artists;

Dalbir Singh Rattan; Producer lead composer and artistic direction.

Aziz Ibrahim; Asian Blues, Guitar virtuoso, Electronica

Kaviraj Singh Dhadyalla; Vocals and Santoor

Seetal Kaur Dhadyalla – Kathak

Anna Murray; Gaelic vocalist and great highland pipes

Ceitlin Smith; Gaelic Vocalist

Neil Johnstone; Cello

Rhona Johnstone; Violin

Jane H Macmillan; Violin

With Contributions from

Mary Smith; Gaelic song, Vocal expert & Folklorist

Visuals and design; John Macdonald


The Purvai Festival is a Signature Event for Scotland’s Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017