The Wizard of Oz: 80th Anniversary

Sat 9 Nov

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Judy Garland stars in this classic as Dorothy, who must escape from Oz by following the Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City, where the great Wizard of Oz can help her return to Kansas. Along the way, she picks up some new friends – the heartless Tin Man, the brainless Scarecrow, and the courage-less Cowardly Lion, each of whom hopes that the Wizard can offer him what he lacks.

Filled with extravagant sets and costumes and glorious song and dance routines, this is a joy, even more so on the big screen.

Victor Fleming / USA 1939 / 1h38m / Digital / U – Contains mild fantasy horror
Cast: Judy Garland, Frank Morgan, Ray Bolger, Bert Lahr, Jack Haley, Billie Burke, Margaret Hamilton.