Weaving Ghosts: Lois Walpole

20 Jan – 3 March

Opening 19 January 5pm

Based on the Shetland basket-making tradition, this is an evolving exhibition made from ‘ghost gear’, the name that has been internationally given to  the marine debris of polypropylene ropes, nets and plastic that is a consequence of commercial fishing.  It is a global problem and dangerous to shipping and wildlife.  Harvested from the tidal swathe of the shoreline the show includes functional pieces such as shoes and laundry baskets, among them Hebridean basket forms – ciosan – using locally found materials.  It also contains purely visual or sculptural pieces which employ basketry skills and techniques.

Lois Walpole will be giving a Gallery talk on Thursday 15 February, 7pm

For more information on Lois Walpole visit: http://www.loiswalpole.com/