Travelling Gallery : Day of Access by Alec Finlay

Sat 12 Oct

The Travelling Gallery

Travelling Gallery is touring an exhibition by Scottish artist and poet Alec Finlay this Autumn.   Entitled ‘Day of Access’, the theme and focus of the exhibition is access to nature for people affected by disability.  Travelling Gallery will act as the campaign bus touring Day of Access across Scotland; presenting information and artworks and allowing a space for discussions. Themes of disability, access and ecological remediation are explored in Finlay’s poems and artwork.

Alec Finlay believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience wild nature. Himself a disabled artist and poet, Finlay takes on the role of activist to work with a diverse audience to overcome limitations on access to wild nature, which can be physically and emotionally hostile to the disabled.

Alongside his own work Alec has invited other artists and poets to exhibit including Hannah Devereaux, Alison Lloyd, Ken Cockburn and Mhairi Law; each bringing their own creativity and experience to the project. The work is collaboratively displayed like a scrap book or diary pinned on a garden trellis, alongside other domestic apparatus and soft furnishings, such as blankets, a clothes-horse, and hankies.  Documentation from the pilot Day of Access,including work by young photographer Sam McDiarmid, will be exhibited in an art installation created by Finlay.

The Travelling Gallery will be parked outside An Lanntair and open to the public from 11am – 5pm.

Image : Counterpane Landscape, Alec Finlay with Rachel Smith; photograph by Hannah Devereux, 2019