Thall ‘s a-Bhos : Home and Away

Sat 19 May

Thall ‘s a-Bhos : Home and Away

Fèill:  Food Festival on Saturday 19th May at An Lanntair

The world is your larder but you don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to taste it.  You can do that at An Lanntair.

On the menu will be local cuisine that has stayed fresh in the fridge of our collective memory.  Also courses from other cultures, now established on the islands.  There will be demonstrations, tastings, healthy eating and healthy competition.  Oh and drink.  Good health!  Look for the Lanntair Open Duff-Off; Salt fish and salt flank; the bloody art of black pudding; the hidden depths of seaweed; Guga, an acquired taste, (sometimes never acquired) …

Your hosts will be TV chef Alasdair Macleod ably abetted by sundry other presenters, producers, practitioners, poachers.  Much more to come.

The Full Menu:

Madainn: Morning:  Thall (Here) Local cuisine.

10am – Duff-Off – Expert blind tasting with tips and techniques. Please see details below on how to enter.

10.30 – Baking Hot – scones, oatcakes, sweets.

11am – Sheer Butchery Demonstration – expert local butchers will be cutting a half pig as well as making a traditional black pudding.

11.20 – Buntata is Sgadan: Salt Herring – how to salt herring in a barrel.

11.35pm – Feòil Reisg: Salt Meat – how to make mutton broth.

11.50 – Ceò: Smoke, with Stornoway Smokehouse.

12pm – Feamainn: Seaweed, a taste of the shore.

12.15pm – Guga-Bytes: An acquired taste…….often never acquired.

12.45pm – Incredible India – taste of a continent

1.30pm – Kitchen Coves with Ruaraidh & Uisdean.

Feasgar: Afternoon:  a-Bhos (There) Far-flung food

2pm – Vietnam – with Vietnamelicious

2.30pm – Korea – kimchi and bulgogi with Jade Edwards.

3pm – High Thai with Pandee Macdonald.

3.15pm – Viva Mexico with Maricruz Vasquez.

3.30pm – Nagaland – traditional curries with Sheila Kom Mackenzie

The Duff Off
For more information about our Duff competition please email All entries have to be at An Lanntair by 9.30am on the 19th of May for the competition to start at 10am. There will be a £25 prize awarded to the best Duff!

If you have any ideas or want to be involved we want to hear from you.

For other information please contact and