Testimony from the Rocks

9 March – 30 March 2019

‘Art, Space + Nature’ (ASN) is a Masters Programme at Edinburgh College of Art,
the University of Edinburgh, which is now in its 14 th year. Over that time, it has
increasingly gained recognition as a leading, international Arts and Environment

Testimony From The Rocks is an exhibition of responses to both the physical
and cultural landscape of the Western Isles, following a period of study undertaken last year. The work, by fourteen international students, ranges across a variety of media including film, sculpture and installation.

Exhibiting artists:
Andreas Papamichael, Greece  •  Kaixin Li, China  •  Pin-Erh Chen, Taiwan  •  Lilien Li, Hong Kong  •  David Kramaric, Croatia  •  Kaitlin Ferguson, England  •  Kharis Leggate, Scotland  •  Claire Burnett, Scotland  •  Ana Cecilia Parrodi, Anaya Mexico  •  Harmony Bury, Scotland  •  Hsin Shyu, Taiwan  •  Pantea Armafar, Iran  •  Rebecca Sutton, England  •  Kaitlin Ferguson and Cody Lukas, England and Denmark

Gallery packs for children – help young ones explore the themes of the exhibition and find out more by downloading one of of gallery packs. They are available in both English and Gaelic.

Teisteanas Bho Na Creagan – Gàidhlig

Testimony from the Rocks – English