The Pocket Cinema: Girlfriends

Fri 31 March

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Described as ‘the most influential film about female friendship you’ve never heard of’, the fingerprints of Claudia Weills’ beautifully written 1978 debut feature can be seen all over so many of the recent portrayals of young women’s lives on screen today: Girls creator Lena Dunham has cited it as an influence, and anyone who has enjoyed Greta Gerwig in Frances Ha will immediately spot the similarities between the two films.

Young New York photographer Susan has an inseparable bond with her roommate Anne- or so she believes, until Anne marries and moves out of their apartment. Susan has to deal with the genuine grief of losing her friend while struggling to forge her career and find her feet alone. The result is a wry, touching story that handles the reality of female relationships with affection and a light touch.

This is a Withnail and Pie screening, meaning that it is a cult film served with a portion of free pie

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