Thurs 4 April

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Salma’s memories are powerful, so captivating that they draw everyone and everything around her into them.  But no one will let Salma talk about her memories. Every time she tries, she is shut down. Slowly, her memories begin to disappear, until one day the most precious memory of all is destroyed, and Salma stops speaking about her memories, or anything else. There is only one way to bring Salma back. Slowly, one by one her family start to talk about their memories, and Salma relaises that home will always be with her, as long as she keeps her memories alive.

Jabuti Theatre’s Paper Memories is an exhilarating performance for children aged 7+ about migration, identity and the power of memories. With aerial-dance, puppetry and music, we will be brought into the bright and colourful memories of Tali; a refugee girl arriving in Scotland with her family. The family feels strange and other and a desperate need to fit in and forget. Tali, told not to remember, slowly finds her memories crumpling and ripping before her eyes. Until her family realize that the only way to keep them together, to be a family in this new place, is to remember. Paper Memories uses captivating music and stunning visuals to bring to life memories of wedding parties, chasing chickens and dancing in the air with birds.

Created by Mariem Omari and Rachael Macintyre (Jabuti Theatre), Paper Memories takes the audience on a visual journey exploring the importance of giving children the space to be heard and how our memories make us who we are.