OPTICKS – a ‘visual moonbounce’ performance with Daniela de Paulis

Sat 8 Feb 2020

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Want to send a photo to the moon and back?

OPTICKS is a Cosmic Mail Art performance between the Earth and the Moon, by interdisciplinary artist Daniela de Paulis, in collaboration with radio operators from around the world.

The project is presented as a live audio-visual happening during which digital images are transmitted as radio signals to the Moon and reflected back on Earth where they are shown as they return from their journey in real time.

The project uses ‘Visual Moonbounce’, an application of the Moonbounce technology developed by the artist in collaboration with the CAMRAS team during her residency at the Dwingeloo radio telescope in 2009.

Want to spend the whole day with us? Entry to OPTICKS is included in the day ticket for A Day of Creativity and Curiosity, a whole day of events programmed by An Lanntair in partnership with Creativity and Curiosity lead artists Ione Parkin and Gillian McFarland. Buy a day ticket here.

Part of the Hebridean Dark Skies Festival.