Monday Night Music Session

Mon 2 Dec

The Monday Night Music Session on Monday the 2nd of December will open with our programmed artist Felix, followed by an open session.

Felix describes his music as…“if whiskey wrote songs…” perfect for a winter’s night of tunes and lyrics with music-loving friends.

After the programmed set we will have the open session… and, to sharpen your writing skills, we have something new for you:  A song writing mini-challenge!

The song writing mini-challenge will feature at our music nights each month, with a different theme or inspiration each time. For December the challenge is to write a Christmas song – it can be purely instrumental, if lyrical use English or Gaelic or a combination, tell us a story, with your new melody.

About our Monday Night Music Sessions
The session is held on the first Monday of each month in the restaurant. The first part is programmed in advance followed by opportunities for any musicians who come along to take part. We want you to use this session as a place where you can try new things and take musical risks with a very friendly audience. It’s for all musical genres and for Gaelic as well as English.

If you would like to be programmed it’s very easy, please contact Mike –

If you need any more information or support, please contact our artist support coordinator Sandra –

Looking forward to hearing some new songs on Monday 2nd December!