Marjolein Robertson

Thur 25 Oct

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Marjolein Robertson, who claims to be Shetland’s only female comedian, will be appearing to end the festival on a high! One of the up and coming stars of the Scottish comedy scene Marjolein weaves through time with jokes, anecdotes and storytelling, intertwining her own life with a traditional Shetland folk tale.

The first half of the evening will be the traditional Shetland trowie story the Hillsook Wedeen (Hillswick Wedding). Told from the point of view of the protagonist’s sister, the Hillswick Wedding explores day to day life in Shetland in the 1850s as well as the magical and otherworldly home of the trows. The story tells of a man who is taken into the world of the trows, Shetland’s race of magical beings. Marjolein recounts the tale in character bringing the audience right into the very heart of the story.

The second half of the evening Marjolein will perform her newest stand up comedy show ‘Marjolein Robertson: It’s Time’. This then takes a twist on the traditional story from the first half as Marjolein intertwines true anecdotes that led her into the world of comedy.

Jay Richardson of the Scotsman wrote:

“Marjolein Robertson is a highly promising and delightfully original act.”

Marjolein has said of her upcoming show:

“It’s Time is my favourite show yet as it follows a coherent story of my journey into the world of stand up as a Shetlander. It also intertwines a folklore tale as a sort of mirror image of the comical journey.”

Image: Copyright, John Carolan.